Invest in Ethiopia - Business Landscape

With wages rising across Asia, the factors that made Asia the “Workshop of the World” for the past several decades are changing. Ethiopia’s strategic location, natural resources, and abundant labor position it to become the next global location for labor-intensive manufacturing.

This survey assesses the extent to which the numbers, the business stories, and the analysis validate the pitch and the proposition, and identifies the sectors in which the business opportunities in emerging Ethiopia are likely to be found.

Part 1 provides an overview of Ethiopia’s investment prospects at the macroeconomic level. It reviews trends and prospects for real growth, inflation, and external performance including the exchange rate, trade and the balance of payments. As well, it provides a macro scan of overall economic management and performance indicators and a horizontal scan of the framework for investment, overall investment trends, and the challenges that Ethiopia faces to sustain its resurgence.

Part 2 provides an in-depth assessment of investment prospects in major sectors of the economy: manufacturing, agro-processing, mining/oil & gas, infrastructure, and selected services, including health and tourism.

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