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Other publications include working papers published by other institutions, published consulting studies, etc. In this section, we provide summaries of these papers along with download options where available.

The need for measures to reduce gender inequalities is a well-articulated social challenge. The objectives - and by implication the range of policy interventions needed – to promote gender equality are set out in the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This Primer on Gender and Trade explains how the regulation of international trade has evolved, why gender inequality and social inclusion need to be addressed in rule-making for international trade and the ways in which this has been done so far. It is a basic ‘crossover’ guide for audiences based in two very different domains of policymaking: trade policymakers and negotiators on the one hand and gender equality ministries and civil society stakeholders, on the other.

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August 2017


Especially since the last economic crisis of 2008 discussions about innovative financing for development have gathered pace. In the 2011 Agenda for Change, the European Commission recognises that government and donor funds are largely insufficient to cover the substantial investments required to improve living conditions in developing and transition countries. This paper analyses key initiatives influencing the current reasoning behind financing of EU external aid measures, and presents options to pursue innovative financing for development by the EU.

June 2013

With wages rising across Asia, the factors that made Asia the “Workshop of the World” for the past several decades are changing. Ethiopia’s strategic location, natural resources, and abundant labor position it to become the next global location for labor-intensive manufacturing.

This survey assesses the extent to which the numbers, the business stories, and the analysis validate the pitch and the proposition, and identifies the sectors in which the business opportunities in emerging
Ethiopia are likely to be found.

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