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Caribbean ACP countries

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08/2011 – 10/2011

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The four-year AAACP was launched in September 2007 at the initiative of the European Commission and the ACP Secretariat. Its overall objective is to reduce poverty in ACP countries by increasing the revenue of traditional and non-traditional commodity producers, and by raising the resilience of countries and producers to the volatility of commodity prices.  As such, the programme focused on building the capacity of National Commodity Chain Stakeholders to cope with these and other challenges affecting commodities by facilitating the development and implementation of effective commodity chain strategies and action plans. This intervention should enhance competitiveness and returns to labour, explore new market opportunities and promote feasible diversification options; and introduce and spread the use of risk management tools. In the Caribbean region, the AAACP’s aims were to (i) replace 15- 20 % of food imports by locally produced commodities; (ii) develop sustainable and economically viable agricultural value chains; (iii) combine regional resources so as to achieve economies of scale, and; (iv) benefit from support which is coherent with the Jagdeo Initiative.

The programme focus in the Caribbean was on food crops. Additionally, IOs were approached to develop opportunities arising from the potential of high quality coffees in the region. Support to strategy development for food crops (F&V and roots & tubers) in Jamaica, and for nutmegs in Grenada was to serve as a demonstration to the region as to how such approaches can empower value chain actors to analyse the challenges besetting their sector and collectively devise solutions to priority problems identified.

On behalf of the programme management unit of the AAACP, BKP Development prepared and presented a synthesis report to facilitate a regional Caribbean dissemination workshop conducted in Barbados in September 2011. The Dissemination workshop marked the conclusion of the AAACP. The report summarised and assessed the AAACP activities undertaken in the Caribbean region, identified still remaining gaps and set out a number of recommendations for follow-up.

  • Synthesis (evaluation) report of the AAACP

  • Facilitation of dissemination workshop