Overall project value

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Origin of funding

Dates (start/end)

Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda

EUR 90,080





06/2010 – 09/2010

Detailed description of project

Type of services provided

The lack of ISO certification (notably the ISO 9000, 14000 and 22000 series) is one of the key constraints of many African exporters. Therefore, the objective of this project is to help SMEs obtain ISO certification. In order to achieve this, the project does not focus on SMEs directly but addresses intermediary organisations – the aim is to enable them to help their constituents enhance processes and products in order to obtain the certification. The assignment is to generate the following results:

  • A list of IOs in the four beneficiary countries selected to take part in the capacity building programme, outlining their needs and current practices;
  • A list of national/ regional bodies in charge of certification, also outlining their willingness to take part in the capacity building programme;
  • A detailed study on the potential impact of certification on export generation also comprising a list of standards needed to export to regional and EU markets;
  • A capacity building programme supporting IOs to put in place tools and methods for assisting SMEs in obtaining certification against relevant international norms and standards;
  • Donor(s) identified interested in financing the capacity building programme.
  • Needs and gap assessment of intermediary organisations: certification related services offered by IOs in the Region and the EU to SMEs, also identifying best practices in helping SMEs achieve certification
  • Formulation of capacity building programmes for IOs to assist SMEs in obtaining ISO certification